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Danke für den Support während dieser schweren Zeit

Diese Zeilen sind an die feinen Menschen gerichtet die sich für uns eingesetzt haben.


Some of the finest....


Markus Frei

Not the brightest bulb on the string, but goodhearted, loyal and trustworthy. Today a really hardworking part in my daily life and absolutely reliable. THE STORY

Nong Donut

The finest kid on the planet with a warm heart and a wonderful character. She has been the anker during this rough period in my life. She kept me alive. I miss her evry day MORE

Khun Nan

Incredibly smart and helpful. She saved my life in Bangkok and thanks to her unbelievable power she saved me in the last minute. She is now a vital part of my business ventures in the region. MORE

Dr. Toto-Lim
Loo & Rudy

In my darkest hours a fine and loyal friend with no questions asked she did helped us in no time and they are a example of true and honest friends-


The PIlgerhof in Uhldingen Germany became our home for nearly one year since we had no place to go and Claudia Besser allowed us to stay in this Hotel and also no questions asked. I know her since many years and she gave us great support and it is a wonderful place by the way near Lake Constance.


Helios Hospital in Uhldingen Germany We spent several month in this Hospital and many more in the area. We received excellent treatment and all the staff has been friendly, caring  and very helpful. Even with NO INSURANCE card by the way.

the movers

The worst experience in my life...This gentlemen was lying and had a so called demonic character and did erased 40 years of my life, I have never dealt with such toxic poeple. It has been the trio CLIENTIS, HAAG& WILD and ALLENSPACH. I will use all my connections and means to clear this up

tbc...20,July 21

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